Welcome to perkXsoundlabs, a musical production project by Paul Rolan Perkes, ASCAP. My music style is electronica, with strong influences from progressive trance, modern classical, progressive rock, psytrance, dubstep and chiptune. You can use this website to keep up to date concerning my musical projects and listen to (and hopefully purchase) my music.

Unlike most artists, I let you listen to my music in fully complete tracks once a composition is in the semi-final stage of production and has a home on an album; before it is actually published and available for purchase. I use Soundcloud to accomplish this. My main goal is for you to be able to listen to my music. I do, however, need you to purchase my albums (or even individual songs) so I can continue to make music and carry on with my creative journey, but being heard is my first goal. The music that you purchase from digital providers like iTunes or Bandcamp is the final, fully polished production and is of much higher quality than what you can listen to on Soundcloud.

Apple Music

Apple Music

I am pleased to announce that the entire perkXsoundlabs catalog will be available for streaming on Apple Music when it goes live on June 30th. In addition, perkXsoundlabs is registered for @Connect so that you can communicate directly with me, post messages regarding my music and have access to artist exclusive content. I look forward to seeing you there!

Just Released!

Permanence Released NEW! 2015-01-15


My new album, Permanence was just released on January 15th, 2015, and is now available for purchase and immediate download.


You can listen to a playlist of my 16 very best songs using the SoundCloud player below. [Updated 2013-11-06] You can also listen to tracks from the individual albums under the Music tab.

If you don't see the player above, you can listen directly on SoundCloud.


You can keep up-to-date with my current activity on Twitter!


"In effect, perkXsoundlabs bridges the gap between space music and dance without any hiccups. The music is moving, authentic, and cinematic... at least in this dimension." 5 Stars (out of 5) — Mathew Forss
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"...with so much electro-offal that passes as "music", given the modern proliferation of color-by-numbers synthesizers and easy-bake home recording equipment, anything that attempts to carve out its own inner space without leaning on tired and conventional beat-isms is worthy of something akin to renown. And String Theory manages that well, as the album is nothing if not dancing to its own personal muse." — Reed Burnam
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perkXsoundlabs music is available for purchase and immediate download from the following outlets:

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Bandcamp  Bandcamp NEW! — perkXsoundlabs is now on Bandcamp. This is your lowest cost, most flexible option for purchasing my music!

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Thank You

Thank you for visiting perkXsoundlabs. Please listen, enjoy and, if you like, purchase. My fans are very important to me and you are greatly apreciated.
    — Paul Rolan Perkes

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