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Tri! (Три) is the third and final album of a trilogy of albums; Odin! (Один), Dva! (Два), Tri! (Три); which is Russian for "One", "Two" and "Three". I have a lot of fans in Russia and have a personal affinity for all things Russian. I studied three semesters in Russian in college and have always loved the Cyrillic alphabet. This album is another “shout out” to all my Russian speaking fans.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes

1Финал ПоследовательностьFinal Sequence6:09
2Приход ДомойComing Home6:00
4Пустыня ДождьDesert Rain5:44
5Забыли ИмперияForgotten Empire6:29
6Весна ФростSpring Frost4:45
7Полный ОстановитьFull Stop7:48
8Сигнал ГонкаSignal Race5:55
9Перейти ПускJump Start5:05
10Далее На Гладкой КакComing On Smooth Like3:25
11Покинутый СвятилищеForsaken Sanctuary5:17
12Всего ОсвобождениеTotal Emancipation6:55
13Вождение В Ночное ВремяDriving At Night5:04

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Final Sequence, Coming Home, Antiphase, Desert Rain, Forgotten Empire, Spring Frost, Full Stop, Signal Race, Jump Start, Coming On Smooth Like, Forsaken Sanctuary, Total Emancipation, Driving At Night

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