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PSL 001

String Theory

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String Theory

This album was inspired by recent advances in a unified field theory for physics. The latest theory, called "String Theory", is a model of physical reality that proposes that we actually live in a world that has approximately 11 dimensions along which there are vibrating strings. The three-dimensional universe we perceive is only one projection of this n-dimensional universe. It is a proposed unified theory that can accurately describe the four fundamental interactions in nature: the strong force (holds neutrons and protons together), the weak force (responsible for radioactivity), electromagnetism (acts on electrically charged particles and light) and gravity. It also ties together general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes


"In effect, perkXsoundlabs bridges the gap between space music and dance without any hiccups. The music is moving, authentic, and cinematic... at least in this dimension." 5 Stars (out of 5) — Mathew Forss
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"...with so much electro-offal that passes as "music", given the modern proliferation of color-by-numbers synthesizers and easy-bake home recording equipment, anything that attempts to carve out its own inner space without leaning on tired and conventional beat-isms is worthy of something akin to renown. And String Theory manages that well, as the album is nothing if not dancing to its own personal muse." — Reed Burnam
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March Of The Higgs Boson, The Strong Force, Supersymmetry, Brane Worlds, Gravity, Spacetime, Tachyon, Electromagnetism, Through Waves Of Matter, An N-Dimensional Universe, Holographic Projection, Entanglement, Unification, Quantum Mechanics, Causality, The Weak Force,

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