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PSL 002


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This is the second album that I produced. I was composing most of the material on this album while I was in the final stages of mixing and mastering my first album, String Theory. In this album I continue to explore songs with very fast tempo, thus the title, "Rápidamente". This album also contains two songs, "Opus Zero" & "Caught in the Web", that I composed when I was in high school, over 30 years ago. I had mostly forgotten them; but my good friend, Dex, remembered them, recorded them and sent them to me so I could relearn them and rearrange them for this album.

This album was released on October 15th, 2012.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes


rapidly — used as a direction in music


"The energetic songs and sonic sounds with symphonic beats and orchestrated string and horn sounds are magical, space-driven, and intergalactic. Nothing is left undiscovered on this album. Fans of Tangerine Dream's work from the 1980s and 90s will love it. PerkXsoundlabs produce another splendid musical release from a galaxy close to home." 5 Stars (out of 5) — Mathew Forss
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"Much like the previous String Theory, Rapidamente delivers a cohesive dose of measured melody, and there's an underlying current to Perkes' concoctions that is familiar across the entirety of the album, a certain style that is his own that comes out on all the tracks. Where Rapidamente builds on its predecessor is in terms of the diversity and depth of its contents, and tracks on this record tend to progress well and show more differentiation from one another. While String Theory was quite a good record, as a collection of tracks Rapidamente builds and progresses off Perkes' previous foundations and presents the listener with a full spectrum heroic dose of varied electronic goodness that doesn't show very many seams and remains pretty diverse throughout." 3.5 Stars (out of 5) — Reed Burnam
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Rápidamente, Dreams of Conquest, Extra-Terrestrial Origin, Opportunity, Above the Clouds, Regret, Serengeti Sunrise, Infinite Hope, Intrinsic, Budapest Morning, Empty Spaces, Opus Zero, Prime, Caught in the Web, Joyful, Evolution,

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