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Dva! (Два) is the second album of a trilogy; Odin! (Один), Dva! (Два), Tri! (Три); which is Russian for "One", "Two" and "Three". I have a lot of fans in Russia and have a personal affinity for all things Russian. I studied three semesters in Russian in college and have always loved the Cyrillic alphabet. This album is a 'shout out' to all my Russian speaking fans.

This album was remixed and re-mastered on 2014-03-12 and is now in its final form. It represents the very best of my art.

Cover art by Paul Rolan Perkes

1Работать ЯсомFreefall6:40
2Исчезающие на Fairmount УлицеVanishing on Fairmount Street6:48
3Вздымающиеся ТеченияBillowing Currents4:29
4Луна ОзероMoon Lake5:51
6Пророки Нового СветаProphets of the New World5:56
7Нарушить МолчаниеBreaking the Silence8:03
8бесконечный Открытые ПространстваInfinite Open Spaces6:01
9Дух ИсследованиюSpirit of Exploration4:31
11Сильное ЖеланиеIntense Desire5:47
12Звезда ПульсStar Pulse8:56

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All music composed, performed and produced by Paul Rolan Perkes
© 2013-14 ASCAP Paul Rolan Perkes

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Freefall, Vanishing on Fairmont Street, Billowing Currents, Moon Lake, Firebrand, Prophets of the New World, Breaking the Silence, Infinite Open Spaces, Spirit of Exploration, Proton, Intense Desire, Star Pulse

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